Halbert Rivera
I am currently open to job offers!
Experience in the Industry

Front-end developer with 7 years of experience developing Javascript applications for both the web and mobile.

Collaborate with the design team to ensure HTML and CSS architecture met the design specifications from mockups.

Create feature-rich experiences utilizing the Angular javascript framework, along with libraries such as NgRx for state management.

Display and manipulate data from cloud hosted APIs to provide meaningful and accurate information for the end user.

Collaborate with outsourced development teams and maintain code harmony using versioning control services such as Git and perform code reviews.

Perform unit tests for code quality assurance with frameworks such as Jasmine and Jest.

Development IconDevelopment

*cracks fingers* A few live examples of my UI and coding skills I have developed over the last few years in the industry.


My gallery of projects where the goal was simply make it POP


Interested in joining the street team? just kidding. However you can click below to download a copy of my resume to share :)

Soft Skills

Conducted market research on industry standard solutions, delivered a prototype and an analysis on why I believe the technology I chose was the optimal solution that met customer needs and preferences for a chatbot feature.

Interviewed potential front end developer candidates to help scale the new feature, as well as identified their strengths and weaknesses to help them succeed.

Collaborated with backend developers to understand limitations, risks, and develop a quality assurance game plan to get the feature ready for a production release.


Associate's Degree,

Digital Communications

Houston Community College